Serpentine Acquisitions - Ervin Booker, *** Man and Sociopath

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Ervin Booker/Serpentine Acquisitions Ltd. pretends to be a film financier of extreme wealth, but he's really a sociopath and *** man. He has bilked my company of over $14,000 in usurious set-up and maintenance fees in exchange for a Letter of Credit of $3.3 million we were to use to secure a production loan for a feature film.

Ervin gave us a letter purported to be from TD Waterhouse showing Proof of Funds for $26,853,765.34, but the letter has been proven to be 100% fake by the legal department of TD Bank. He signed a deal saying he could back a $3.3 million loan using a Letter of Credit from Standard Chartered Bank and he's shown no proof to the lending bank, Pacific Mercantile, or to our attorney or production team. He has been stalling since November 2011 all the while holding on to our fees and pretending to be an actual financier.

We have demanded recovery of funds and he lies and lies saying he will wire and the monies mysteriously never show up. We have a long email and text chain of him lying about liquidating a CD to refund us, getting a bank loan, making off-shore sales, etc. He lies all the while laughing at us and engaging with our bank as though all is well. CLASSIC SOCIOPATH!

Further, he promised to make a production loan of $400,000 to us and was given a $2500 deposit. He reneged on the loan illegally and has yet to return $2500! The "millionaire" can't seem to give the struggling producers back $2500! He promises to send it by bank wire and then Western Union and never sends it.

There is a long documented history in email, text and voicemail that prove 100% that this man is a fraud. We have a top entertainment attorney at a rebuttable firm who has been handling this for us and can vouch for the legitimacy of all written here.

We have reported this crime to the FBI in NYC, the Royal Canadian Police Fraud Dept., NYC District Attorney, the Canadian Consulate Trade Dept in NYC and are retaining legal counsel in Canada to pursue him! We will get and he will make full restitution and be arrested. It's just a matter of time!



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